Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Opinion on this year's Miss HK

Hi! I'm so forgetful xD I forgot to post my opinion on this year's Miss HK, I think their well balanced this year.
Their heights are balanced, not too tall or not too short. The tallest contestant this year is #7, Lorretta Chow. As I already mentioned she is one of my two favorites this year. She has the figure and the looks. When I saw her on the Talent Contest, I thought she was suitable to enter the Miss HK contest : ] My second favorite is #11 Kendra Wong, same thing for her too as #7. She's tall and has the looks. AND she looks kind of like Linda Chung :] one of my FAVORITE ACTRESS :]

~ hahaha finally done the Miss HK posts, now I'll probably start on a spotlight for each of my favorite tvb artist :] I think the first artist would be LINDA CHUNG YAY! I really tired and I want to get some sleep :] so I'll update soon. Remember to check back ~

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