Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Blab --- once again D=

i'm sorry D= i really neglected this blog for so long....
yes i know i haven't updated and now when i come back to the blog i talk trash....
right now i really can't update hopefully it's because i'm so lazy and not because i'm about to give up once again....
y can't life be sometimes like tvb dramas?
once you work hard you'll get the reward for all that you've given out?
i'm just really upset and tired of trying to reach up higher and not getting a result at all
i don't have to be fully successful, i just want to at least improve? is that wrong?
life is just so tough.... hopefully i can really succeed
i really sorry for writing this here, and sorry if this ruins your mood. i just really had to get those words outta me.

right now i feel little better =D hopefully i'll get back into the mood of updating soon....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

To see a new face.

Okay, every now and then TVB would promote new artistes and I've seen quite a lot myself too. Even if you just read the newspaper, there are always one or two new artisites from TVB. The newcomers I always read news from are probably Suki Tsui and Fala Chan. Is it just me or do the newspaper really do pay more attention to female newcomers than male newcomers???

umm... what do you guys think?

Okay I'm starting to get off topic... okay... I just wanted to tell you guys that every year TVB brings in a whole lot of new faces onto our tv screens. Every1 has different taste in the series they watch and sometimes people base it on the actors and actresses in the series, which means the type of newcomers in TVB series might really shake things up in a series. Just like Heart of Greed, I personally LOVE Heart of Greed because for starters it's a extremely great series... great plot and stuff. 2nd of all I loved their cast. There was people that I've watched or heard of before and not some artist that I have zero clue of who they are.

So what kinds of artists do you guys perfer??? --- hopefully you guys are gonna to tell me on the SHOUT-OUTZ BOX : )

Right now I really want TVB to ask Kary Ng from the girl group Cookies to film a series because I see so much potential in her. For those of you who don't know her she's a singer in a girl group called Cookies which had 9 girls in it. Then they split up and 4 of the members regrouped and became the Mini Cookies. Which included Stephy Tang, Miki Yeung, Teresa Fu and Kary Ng. But then Kary decided to change a little and she went into a rock band called Ping Pung. And I think this year or last year she started to sing on her own and became a solo artist.

Right now many of her songs are good, such as: 山歌, 逼得太緊, Control, 座右銘, 馬戲團之戀, 句句我愛你, 愛你變成恨你, 明知做戲 and 愛是最大權利. ---- if you guys have time really listen to these songs, she really has a nice voice and the songs are great too!

Kary has also participated in a movie called Love @ First Note. I think she did really well in the movie too! I really hope she gets a hand on TVB series too!

Short... (okay kinda long) Pause on the Miss HK Critique

hi-lo every1!
First of all I really want to apologize that I haven't updated much for a long while... I'm feeling very guilty about this too... I'm back from vacation for a week already but I was just being lazy.... ^^

Anyways the Miss HK Fashion Critique has to be on a pause for a while because the website I got the pictures from aren't working so I have to wait until it works :] so sorry to any1 who liked it... : [

BUT... good news is that I'm gonna write another post ^-^

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Miss HK Fasion Critique Part1

HELLO EVERYONE! Finally I'm back (almost) : p lolhahaha anyways felt bad for not updating for a while so I decided to update :D Couldn't think of anything to update by was looking through videos on Youtube and saw something about MHK so I decided to talk about this year's MHK fashion!

First of all, this year's MHK was divided into 4 parts. So the clothes I'm talking about are from each of the four parts :D That was kinda confusing XD

Fashion Show...
Woah! This year's fashion show part of the MHK was really... ummm...interesting...?The fashion show was also divided into 4 parts. The first part looked liked future clothing, the second part had a foresty feel, the 3rd part was like a toyland feel and the last part was really feathery. This year's fashion show really reminded me of the 20th century dresses (actually it's the thing that puffs up the dress ---- don't know what it's call...) anyways. The dresses was more future like and really exaggerated the bottom of the contestants.

These pictures hopefully would let you know what I mean...

I think this dress would represent most of what I'm trying to describe about the dresses.

My Favorite

I think this oufit is really cute and hip looking :D haha really like the hood that holds the hair.
Credits to Miss HK Gallery for the pictures

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Miss HK Results!!!

HAHA! I actually okay with the results for the Miss HK pageant :D lol but I didn't want #2 to win because she had so much going on with the press and stuff saying she's treated differently than other contestants but that's what the press said. Really happy that #7 got into top 3! Hopefully she'll be a great actress in TVB or sing more songs :D

I actually didn't think #9 was going to win until the contest day, her performance was excellent that day, she really stood out from the rest of the contestants and she looked really pretty on screen too.

For the First place winner, the first time I saw her on the newspaper, the press said that she didnt' stand out and I thought she was okay and wasn't that bad. I really liked her question and answer part she seemed like she was really calm maybe participating in a pageant twice really helps : ]

For this years pageant I happy with the results :D
Credits to Miss HK Gallery for the picture.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Miss HK My Predictions

WA! I'm so excited for today's Miss Hong Kong Pageant :D hopefully I can watch it. My predictions for the top three are #7, #12 and #6. I think #7 will probably get into the top three because TVB once selected her for the Most Stylish in a singing competition. They wanted to sign her to their mangement but she wanted to continue her studies. This would probably be TVB's chance to sign her. I think she looks pretty nice too. #12 is selected to win a couple of awards in the Miss HK Beauties site so I think she has a large chance, she looks kinda sweet but everything depends on that days performance. #7 has this look that makes me think she will win something in the Miss HK but I don't know... Oh! and I'm sure many of you will be "why didn't you pick #2 for any awards?" I think she looks okay but she had too much rumors. OKAY! byebye

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I'm going to be on vacation for the next few weeks so there will be least updates :[ maybe 1-2 updates? idunno.... lol I'll try to do some on my laptop but that depends on how tired I am ;D and yeah, just to clarify in case some people might think I'm leaving this blog... on the sidenote, I love doing this blog thing :D Hope you guys enjoy reading my post too :D okay gotta pack.... Cya

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