Sunday, July 22, 2007

Miss HK Results!!!

HAHA! I actually okay with the results for the Miss HK pageant :D lol but I didn't want #2 to win because she had so much going on with the press and stuff saying she's treated differently than other contestants but that's what the press said. Really happy that #7 got into top 3! Hopefully she'll be a great actress in TVB or sing more songs :D

I actually didn't think #9 was going to win until the contest day, her performance was excellent that day, she really stood out from the rest of the contestants and she looked really pretty on screen too.

For the First place winner, the first time I saw her on the newspaper, the press said that she didnt' stand out and I thought she was okay and wasn't that bad. I really liked her question and answer part she seemed like she was really calm maybe participating in a pageant twice really helps : ]

For this years pageant I happy with the results :D
Credits to Miss HK Gallery for the picture.

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