Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Celebrity Fashion !!!

I always wanted to be a fashion designer or some sort of designer :] so I decided to write a critique on celebrity fashion :D hope you like it! If you have any suggestions plz give me some feedback :D

I like this outfit that Niki is wearing there but I think it's a bit too plain. Her outfit is too dark and doesn't have an accessory to brighten her appearance. Especially her shoes and her stockings, from far it would seem like she's not wearing shoes. But maybe she was lazy to pick something out that day. Overall it's a nice outfit but just needs something to brighten it up :]
I would rate this outfit 7.5/10

I don't know why but I just love guys who wear polos, and Raymond's wearing one! haha he looks cute in that. I just don't like the green logo? thing on his right shoulder kind of too much going on in his shirt. But Raymond looks good in casual and suits :D
I would give Raymond 7.5/10

Raymond looks so cute in this picture. I just didn't like his hairstyle there. I usually don't like guys who wear small ties but he totally changed my opinion on this one :D Too bad I can't see his pants and shoes in that picture : [ anyways I think for guys they shouldn't wear clothes that are too patterny and full of different colours. So I think his top half of his outfit is pretty good. And his white tie is just what he needed to brighten his appearance here :D
I would give him 8/10 cause I can't see his pants and shoes :[

* hehe I found a picture of Tavia wearing a different colour of that t-shirt... hmmm maybe she likes the t-shirt a lot.*
~* OH! and if you know where and which brand the t-shirt is from plz tell me. *~
Haha the first thing I noticed about this picture is that Tavia's shirt matches her hair :D I think this outfit is pretty cute and feminine at the same time. Tavia's shirt looks good and matching with her hair and white is an easy colour to match so the greyish vest looks nice with it. One thing I didn't like is her belt because there's too much metal dots ( that sticks out ). Those belts are just really not a thing for me.
I would give her a 8/10
* Credits for the pictures to Fung Forever. net, TaviaYeung.com and Ent-Magazine.net *

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