Saturday, July 21, 2007

Miss HK My Predictions

WA! I'm so excited for today's Miss Hong Kong Pageant :D hopefully I can watch it. My predictions for the top three are #7, #12 and #6. I think #7 will probably get into the top three because TVB once selected her for the Most Stylish in a singing competition. They wanted to sign her to their mangement but she wanted to continue her studies. This would probably be TVB's chance to sign her. I think she looks pretty nice too. #12 is selected to win a couple of awards in the Miss HK Beauties site so I think she has a large chance, she looks kinda sweet but everything depends on that days performance. #7 has this look that makes me think she will win something in the Miss HK but I don't know... Oh! and I'm sure many of you will be "why didn't you pick #2 for any awards?" I think she looks okay but she had too much rumors. OKAY! byebye

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