Saturday, July 28, 2007

Miss HK Fasion Critique Part1

HELLO EVERYONE! Finally I'm back (almost) : p lolhahaha anyways felt bad for not updating for a while so I decided to update :D Couldn't think of anything to update by was looking through videos on Youtube and saw something about MHK so I decided to talk about this year's MHK fashion!

First of all, this year's MHK was divided into 4 parts. So the clothes I'm talking about are from each of the four parts :D That was kinda confusing XD

Fashion Show...
Woah! This year's fashion show part of the MHK was really... ummm...interesting...?The fashion show was also divided into 4 parts. The first part looked liked future clothing, the second part had a foresty feel, the 3rd part was like a toyland feel and the last part was really feathery. This year's fashion show really reminded me of the 20th century dresses (actually it's the thing that puffs up the dress ---- don't know what it's call...) anyways. The dresses was more future like and really exaggerated the bottom of the contestants.

These pictures hopefully would let you know what I mean...

I think this dress would represent most of what I'm trying to describe about the dresses.

My Favorite

I think this oufit is really cute and hip looking :D haha really like the hood that holds the hair.
Credits to Miss HK Gallery for the pictures

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