Thursday, June 21, 2007

Linda Chung Spotlight Part 1

Linda Chung, isn't considered as a newcomer anymore. After entering the entertainment industry for around four years her acting ability is finally being reconized. In the role of Ah Shum in Heart of Greed, Linda was able to cry in so many scenes and her acting seemed much more realistic and it showed her improvement. After four years let's take a look back at Linda Chung's days.

Linda first started off in the Vancouver's Crystal Mall Cover Girl Contest and took home two awards, the winner and the best in swimsuit awards. Then she participated in the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant and looked liked a winner from the start. Linda already had experience in the Crystal Mall Cover Girl Contest so she had a even larger chance of winning. With her height and pretty face Linda was crowned winner of the Vancouver Chinese Pageant and also took home Miss Photogenic, Miss Snow Beauty and Miss Talent

After becoming the winner of the Vancouver Chinese Pageant, Linda was automatically entered in the Miss Chinese International Pageant. Other artists that we know now who were in the pageant with Linda are Vivien Yeo and Mandy Cho. Linda was a shining star at the finals with her hola hooping skills and her question and answer was quite good as well :D You can probably find the clip in Youtube :] With her great performance Linda took home the title of Miss Chinese International 2004 and began her path as a TVB artiste.

After winning the MCI 2004 pageant TVB signed Linda under their management, and quickly gave her the opportunity to take part in the modern day version of Virtues of Harmony; just like Bernice Liu. Her character in the show was Hung Bak Lam "Michelle". She was paired with Steven Ma in the show as a cute couple.

Linda attending a VOH2 event.

When VOH2 came to an end, Linda was asked to be in the cast of a high production show with Ekin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh and many more talented cast members. The show is called Always Ready, and it talked about people in the Government Flying Service. In the show Linda's father left her in the park alone and never came back for her. She is later on paired with Ekin Cheng. When filming this show there were lots of rumours that Ekin and Linda was dating and split Gigi and Ekin up. But after the show the rumors died down.

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