Monday, June 18, 2007

Miss Hong Kong

Hi! My second post, the Miss Hong Kong contest is going to be held very soon. I hoped you guys viewed their profiles already : ] do you have anyfavorites ? I know I do. I will be doing a special on this year's Miss HK. I will be posting some of my thoughts on them too : ]

And for now I will post the #1-2's profile.

Her's Joey Mak, she's 19 yrs old. She height is 5'3" and she weighs 98lbs. Her hobbies are dancing, swimming, singing and acting.

#2's name is Lily Ho, she is 18 yrs old. Her height is 5'5"and she weighs 119lbs. She likes to travel, sing and dance.

Personally I think #1 and #2 is quite pretty, but they might lose out on size. Some of the other contenders are quite tall.

*Pictures are taken from MHK Gallery*

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