Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Future TVB Fa Dans Part 1

I seen a lot of blogs do this topic already but I still wanted to do my own version cause I have a different opinion on the future fa dans of TVB. My version is by how much they look a like and their similarities. You can also disagree with my thoughts but please leave a comment on what you think :]

Flora Chan <--- Linda Chung
I think Flora and Linda have a lot in common they're both from outside of Hong Kong. I think for some reason in Heart of Greed Linda's character as a lawyer reminded me of a role that Flora played a long time ago. Also I think both of them look shy and quiet. They look like the good student type.

Ada Choi <--- Leila Tong
Ada Choi is one of my favorite actress, I think her acting is great. She's funny too, in some interview she was very humourous. Leila is also one of my favorite actress too. I think both of them have the looks and Leila has the potential to be one of the top actresses. They both have this sunshine feeling and they don't look like their aging. For Ada I hope she will act more in TVB series because there was less of her shows for a few years. But she is filming "Jewels"! YAY!!!

Marianne Chan <--- Tavia Yeung
I think Marianne was an amazing actress, kind of sad that she retired so early and went onto her business. Tavia on the other hand is taking care of her crafts business and her acting together. Tavia is a great actress too because she was from the TVB acting classes. She worked her way up to her status now. I like them both onscreen, they look very natural and realistic on screen, it like you know them ... lol

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